SEO Company Hires New Orleans Foundation Repair

In many places throughout the country, homes and offices are built on concrete slabs which are attached to the ground. In fact, most owners could pull up their carpet or another type of flooring and find a concrete slab underneath. The problem is that this foundation may be vulnerable because the ground below it might shift slowly. As a result, homeowners or businesses may require slab foundation repairs.

Often, the problem is due to alterations in soil hydration. When the wet dirt seeps in, it causes swelling. Later if the ground dries out, it naturally shrinks. After a while, the stress affects the flat slab. Many slab foundations become cracked as time passes.

When extensive cracking occurs, the slab cannot secure the frame of the building properly. Owners may notice windows and doors that are not working properly. They might see cracks in the external or internal walls of their house or office. In the worst case scenario, the structure might lean a bit. Also, a break may allow water to seep in from below the slab towards the floors above. 

When this occurs, property loses value very quickly. If the problem is not corrected, the structure may become worse and be unsafe for habitation. Naturally, the earlier this issue is fixed, the more cost effective it’ll be and also the less chance of other problems to arise.

When searching for foundation repair company, it is important to search for licensed businesses with years of experience in the industry. This local business should carry proper licensing and insurance. Proper licenses and insurance protect the slab repair company, their workers, as well as, the home or business owner.

 Al Sanchez Construction, a premier New Orleans foundation repair company, offers a free estimate to repair the damage.  His expert technicians explain the process of restoring your property to like-new condition.

 A damaged foundation does not repair itself. You can only expect the damage to get worse if not corrected. You should have it fixed immediately for the best possible outcome.

Al Sanchez Construction
4621 W Napoleon Avenue #106
Metairie, LA 70003

See the map below for directions to his office.

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We are located at:  (You can see the Map listed below)

Appliance Repair Nola
935 Gravier St. STE 667
New Orleans, LA 70112
(504) 500-8982

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